Jo Sweeting

Jo Sweeting

My work is based on the concept of 'Shul', an impression which remains after the thing that made it has passed by. A dry riverbed or hollow the animal has made in the grass are 'shul'.

My interest is in how these traces are left on our bodies and memories. I use words, or a figure or plant as a starting point and focus on growth and change. I celebrate a moment in time. Starting points can be poetry, an overhead conversation or the landscape. I aim to make the moment visible and monumental.

My work contemplates life and although direct carving techniques are used my work is not funereal or traditional in nature. I use drawing and printmaking to refine ideas but like to carve directly on to the faces of the stone without certainty. I realize the form fully once the carving begins.

I usually work in British limestone but am open to the use of clay, wood, plaster and bronze which I hope to develop further throughout the next few years. I enjoy working to commission and most of my work is for private clients whom allow me to realize my ideas whilst making the scale suitable to their environments. Stone is my preferred medium because unlike many other materials its starting and finished state remains constant .I like to keep the original block form within the sculpture as this keeps its history present.

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